Is there a difference between the gibson les paul and the gibson les paul epiphone
I don't think there's much of a difference personally, unless you're using an extremely good amp.


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Generally, Gibson is the higher market guitars, while Epiphone is the lower market, made with less quality materials, not as good pickups etc etc.

The only major difference is the cost.
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High end Gibsons are nice, but many say overpriced. Tokai are a great copy company that make top quality guitars for a fraction of the price.
High end Epiphone>Low end Gibson...unless you're a complete poser.
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i like my epiphone custom in many ways its bettor than the low end GIbsons
Better neck
bit heavier on the wood
good action
cosmetics are way bettor
all you really need is a pick up change
im comparing it to a studio of course and anything lower than that the epi just kills
i could have gotten the Gibson but just went with the Epi because it had a bettor neck

you think that the mother ship company would make bettor guitars
but in this case they dont

EDIT:what do you guys think
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