I recently purchased a new guitar, a Peavey Predator Plus, and I would like to see if n e one has n e info. bout it, being as I cant find much about this model.
Mine is slightly diff. than the usual ones which is why its hard to find info. It has locking tuners, peavey brand i'm sure, you simply thread the string, tighten the lock to hand-tight then tune the guitar..these are meant so there is no extra string wound onto the tuning post. Pickup layout is S/S/H with my neck single-coil being a Seymour Duncan Hot-rails. Dual-action Tremolo, single vol., Single tone. Also, the head contains 3 tuning pegs per-side which is the most distinguished difference between other predator plus's. What I am really looking 4 help with is if n e one knows possibly when this guitar was made, and if it was worth the $100.00 price tag. It plays like it is maybe a $200.00-$250.00 guitar, and it looks amazing with its tobacco-burst paint job..Any Info. would be a help..