Hey, i need some help... iv been lookin up guitars for a couple moths and narrowed my new guiatr down to these two ; the schecter damien fr or esp dxmg.
which one is better? which should i buy?
I haven't tried the **Jackson but I have the Damien FR and I love it. It's really comfortable to play and it's got a nice sound. I highly recommend it.

Do you have a local music store? Maybe you could go try them both out and see for yourself?
yea, my bad i meant jackson.. sorry dont know what happened there..
my 3 local stores dont stock schecters unfortunately .
You need to play them both really. Personally I hate jackson's necks but i like schecter's. Some people are just the oppisite.
play both and see what you like personally i'd go for the jackson because the neck is thinner and faster than the schecters.
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See^^^ i told ya. Everyone has there own opinion. I think the jackson felt like a toy guitar when i played it. The neck was tiny.