I play a JSX through a TAD Silencer attenuator and I really love that warm, beautiful power amp saturation, but the clean channel on the JSX is designed to not break up as late as possible. When I've played for over an hour I can get the most beautiful Eric Johnson tunes out of it, if I use my TS9. But that's the problem, it takes forever.

So my question is, would it be possible to mod the JSX's clean channel to break up earlier (the crunch and ultra channel break up easily)? Or would it be to expensive or not worth the effort? I know a lot about playing guitar but sadly nothing about electronics, so I guess this might be a stupid question.

anyway, any thoughts? I've never heard anything better than the JSX's clean channel with a ts9 and power amp saturation!
you could adjust the bias so the tubes are hotter. Probably best off asking an electronics shop about that.

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Turn your amp on an hour and let it run before you play on power mode when you wanna play hit the standby.
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