Attatched is something that I composed myself, I didn't particularly get any inspiration for this from anywhere in particular. I'm particularly fond of the guitar solo towards the end. The GP4 is RSE ready.

Please post constructive criticism, if you do then I'll crit one of yours for you.
Church thingy.zip
Thats pretty cool, it actually does sound like Churchrock. It could be your trademark genre

I wanna hear more stuff like this!

As for critting mine, I dont have anything that needs it at the moment. So no need to bother
I deeply regret the 6661 in my username. Siiiigh. Damn you, 14 year old me, you edgy little bastard.
Thanks, at first I was just writing some "atmospheric" music then I decided to insert a solo...
sounds like some sort of postrock, the fret noises sound like screeching doors , I liked the guitar solo, but not the organ one because it was kind of boring.
It's nice to hear different stuff around here. Good job!
C4C?(new one in sig) Thanks.
The fret noise was meant to sound like a door, it took a while of experimenting to get it just right. The organ bit wasn't really meant to be a solo, just another layer. I'm checking out yours now.
Crit as I listen..
Intro seems spooky :O It might be a bit long though, but it was cool
Loving the drums. The organ lead is awesome, I really dig it.
When the distortion guitar comes in, wow.
Like Carl said, it could be Churchrock, it's brilliant ^^

That was a good tune, the start was a bit long, but nonetheless it was awesome.

9/10, brilliant experiment^^

Thanks for the crit!