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I dunno if this is the right thread to put this in but....
I played my first show about a week or 2 ago and i think im concerned with my movement on stage. Ive been on stage before but that was for other things, so im not nervous or anything. But is there anything more i can do instead of jumping on the bassdrum and running, and headbanging?
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jumping on the bassdrum? O.o
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play an instrument?

but on a serious note i cant think of many more things, but 'running' doesnt seem like a brilliant idea (i know it sounds retarded but in my experience leads are a calamity)
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What do you do in the band? If you play guitar/bass just walking to the other side of the stage looks pretty cool. It's just lame if you're a singer...
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Just do what you do when you would hear that song alone or around friends. If you would headbang, headbang on stage. If it's slow, you could sway. Be energetic, but not overly so.
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get a wireless setup. run up the the crowd, turn around and jump ontop. great fun, hold the headstock up so you dont hit anyone in the head though