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4 40%
6 60%
Voters: 10.
its Peavey's non tube version of the XXX and they sound exactly the same!
I find that pretty hard to believe
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i'd go with neither. the valveking is pretty lifeless and muddy, and the XXL sounds like horse****.

for the same amount of cash, i'd check out some used amps. used 5150's, XXX's and JSX's if you're dead-set on peavey. marshall DSL's, soldano hotrods, laney's if you're cool with other brands.
not looking to buy either, i own the XXL and a Mesa Dual rec. just wondering what you thought.
Quote by yogurt_overdose
I find that pretty hard to believe

try them for yourself
of those two, and JUST those two? neither. sell the XXL, buy some rad pedals from BYOC and rock the dual rec.

but seriously...of those two, valveking, as much as i hate to say it.
you guys have got to be kidding me!! the XXL PWNS THE VALVEKING! maybe you dont know how to dial in the XXL....the active channel is very tricky and you have to get use to it. The active channel makes your sound like an EMG equipped guitar (if you dont have EMG's). THe valvekings cleans BLOW!! you can barely use them, they sound like a MG clean. ewww UR SICK, UR SICK!