I just ordered this pedal through the net and I am worried it does not subdivide the delayed notes automatically like the DD-6 or DD-20.

Can anyone tell me if it can or cannot do this?
i'm not entirely sure what you mean. could you elucidate? i have one and could probably answer your question if so.

if you mean can you, say, tap a tempo out and have it do dotted delays, then no. it repeats at the tempo you tap out. so you can make it do any regular rhythm, but you have to tap that rhythm out yourself, not tap in the tempo and set it to play at different divisions around that tempo.
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Yes thats what I mean, looks like I'm going to have to return it.

I was hopping that it would satisfy my delay and loop needs but I guess I will have to opt for a DD-6 and a dedicated looper like RC-2.