Hey guys, I have trouble writing my own, fast paced solos. I'm a pretty good blues soloer, but all my solos are the same - cool slow riff - silence - cool slow riff - etc... You know like slow blues kind of stuff? I want to be able to write fast paced solos, but just cant. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what i should start doing or w/e?
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
First off, can you actually do fast guitar solos e.g. Metallica, that kinda stuff?
Yeah, but I dont like Metallica, and that kind of stuff. And I'm not "that" fast. I'm pretty fast bit not like super fast. You know?
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
play faster lol....nah id say jus learn a couple rock licks and get faster by playing them.....then use them to give you ideas for your own stuff....who cares if u sound like crap when u improv...it helps u figure out what does and doesnt sound good together....
The thing i found was that you can't just run up and down the scales, you need to find new patterns that will get you out of, let me guess, your minor pentatonic funk?

EDIT: if you are stuck in the pentatonic scale try something like harmonic that is a much different sound comparably. It will open your eyes to some new intervals
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u dont like metallica :-0...u dont deserve my advice lol...jk...jus pick a band that u really like...youll be more inthused if your playing the music u like
I'm the same. I love my guitar slide solos, but when I try anything fast, it just sounds ****. Do those powerball things help any?
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LOL, I have no trouble plaing other people's solos i just suck at writing my own fast-paced ones.
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
then learn more and more...ten jus take bits and peices and mix em together with a bit of imagination and blammo u got urself a sick couple of licks
LOL, thanks for he help but I dont think you guys fully understand my problem. I can make decent licks and stuff, but when i got to make a fairly fast solo or to improvise fairly fastly, I sound like ****. its so annoying.
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Blues men don't wear band T shirts.
practise man....youll figure it out eventually...jus keep screwing up till you find sumthin that sounds good....theres no magic potion u can drink to make urself better lol....id jus learn alot of solos and improvise ALOT....who cares if it sounds like ****...thats what practise is for
Start slow build things up.

Also when you learn songs, constantly challenge yourself and you'll end up playing things you never thought you could.