Hello all. I just started writing songs and was just impressed by the titles, names of the songs which makes the song good (mostly worth to listen) automaticly. So I have trying to come up with a great song idea, but I can't get any good idea at the moment. So maybe anybody feels that they have any ideas like this (which I like pretty much):

Note that they are pretty popular songs.

"Come back to the city", "She doesn't want to dance", "Cigarete smoke", "I bet that you look good on the dancefloor ", "There was a time" and so on.

Do you have any similar ideas with this?
A lot of songs today don't have relevant titles, so I suppose it's up to you in deciding if you want to use them or not.
If not, pick either your favorite line or phrase in the song, or something from the chorus.
Since irrelevant titles are usually fun, I'd recommend taking note of inside jokes and conversations you have with friends and band-mates. Write 'em down, if you have to.
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