A balloon is weighted from the bottom so that it is barely able to float in water. If it is pushed beneath the surface, will it come back to the surface, stay at the depth to which it is pushed, or sink? Explain.

I just can't figure it out, I want to say it will come back to the surface, but I'm not sure if the balloon's density will change at all for it to be different.

If it is barely able to float in the water, then the weight of the balloon is nearly a greater force than the buoyancy keeping it afloat. So i reckon it will return to the surface, but quite slowly.

I dont think you should worry about the density. At greater depths this might become a factor, as the amount of water it displaces (and therefore the buoyancy) decreases so it sinks. But thats further down that YOU could put it

No offense to your balloon submerging skills intended.
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depends on how deep it is, one moment the force of the water upon it will push it further down...

i think
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