Ok, so this kid at school brought in his dads "Penco ES 345" Apparently Penco is a killer vintage Gibson copy company. It was a beautiful guitar. I played it, and the strings were horrible, but it played descent. HE said his dad probably forgot he even had it, so I told him to ask him if he wants to sell it to me (i sorta know his dad).

I told him to tell his dad I am a good guitar player, and not some dousche that will skrew it up. Then i said call me, tell me what he says. I cant wait to hear back from him, cause i have feeling that i might get a steal on a great guitar

This looks similar to it, but is in a natural creamey finish with a cream binding. mmmm
All that i have found about them is that they were made in the same factory as the old Ibanez guitars. They got sued for making exact replicas of the old Gibsons and Fenders.
Thats what i thought, i hope he throws in the case, cause it is a nice case! This would be awesome if he said yes! I think i would still get the Thinline Telecaster i have been saving for.
that's beautiful, get it definetely
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