i have just installed a dimarzio super distortion pickup on my bcrich st3, and it hummed like a madman.
then i realized that it only does that when i touch the bridge. so i took the grounding off the tremolo thingy. that reduced it. but it still slightly hums. my guitar only has a tone pot and a volume pot. and when either of the pots are anywhere between full volume or no volume they hum like a maman. any help?
sounds like a noisy earth wire to me

if its a non active pick up^
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It is definitely not grounded correctly. Try re-soldering the grounds to the pots and the trem claw.

i tried that but it still did the same thing. i even got my electronics teacher to do it for me (after my second failed attempt). oh and when i said it only happens when i touch the bridge i realized that i was wrong, it also happens when i touch the knobs and strings.
Hmm, perhaps it's your amp? Or maybe the wiring in your house is faulty, or you've got some source of noise (fluorescent lights, computers, etc.) that are causing it. Try plugging your amp in different places around the house, try a different amp, different cables. It's basically just a process of elimination.

PinkEdit: Or maybe a faulty pickup.
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Did you wire the jack right? Sure you didn't switch the wires around?

$10 says he did
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