does any other athlete out there find that sports makes you want to play bass less?

during any sports season, ive come to realize that i pick up the bass maybe once or twice a WEEK. i dont know why that may be, but as soon as the season ends, i start playing bass regularly again.

does anybody have any type of idea that they might have to help a bassist during any of his sports seasons? this year, i had a soccer season during football season, wrestling season just ended, and soccer+track are coming up.. luckily i have a short break between when wrestling ended and track starts. i need help, before i forget i even play bass!
futball season and football season.
You, like everybody, need something to do. For you, that thing is sports. And when your sports ends, you fill that void with bass (because you just have to fill it with something.) That's how I even started playing the guitar regularly: had to fill up the void of a serious sports injury
i don't own a bass yet (give it a couple of days lol) but i couldn't give a damn about sports, so it doesn't affect me whatsoever. so basically stop giving a **** about sports and start drawing yourself to your bass more. any sports announcements on the tv, turn it off, turn away from any sports ad you see, forget about it all :P

edit: ...damn it, i misunderstood the thread until i re-read it after i posted, i thought you just meant watching it on tv... umm, i suppose doing less sports would help a lot
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When backstage and talkin to the ladies i always go with the ¨Mines is bigger than theirs¨ argument as me bro holds hes guitar and i take out my bass... It works wonders @,@

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I played lacrosse, ice hockey, and soccer in high school and received honors for all of them. As you can tell I love sports. Once I got to college i joined the lacrosse team and quit after the first season because it took up way too much time. I now have devoted all my time to bass and studying. Its a good life. Unfortunaly you kind of have to make a choice to be great at bass or sports, or just be average at both.
I wouldn't say sport (rugby) makes me want to play less but it does cut into my bass time.

The season has just started up again so I will be playing less but only by a few hours a week.
I have training twice a week but manage to get about an hour of playing in before I go however, I don't get to play nearly as much on Saturdays (game day).

I think playing a second sport would be where the problems come into it.
You just got to pick up your bass and give it a play whenever you can.

Edit: I agree with esposito, you kind of have to sacrifice one for the other.
There is no way I'm going to give up bass but I love playing rugby to much to give it up also.
To get around it I just don't do any extra rugby activities. A lot of the guys go to the gym for a couple of hours on days with no training while I spend that time on my bass.
It does mean I have to work extra hard at training to make up for it but, if that's what I have to do to keep both then so be it.
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For me track season just started for me. This is my third year in track and I honestly haven't noticed any decrease in my playing. I practice just as much. The only difficulties I've found are that occasionaly my hands will hurt after getting 50-120 shot throws AND lifting in. Also I smell worse.

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i do that with what ever is going on in my life....most of the time i find i play about an hour a day. but like when i get a new girlfriend for example i will start playing alot less...or if im working alot...what ever i like HAVE to do that must come before bass
when i did sports..i would come home too tired to play bass....

after that season i decided to go with one or the other

i chose bassththtsss
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