the first one is about chord name, i was playing around just strumming, and i think i found out a way to switch from Em to G or vice versa, it sounds right, but i dont know much about chord construction, there are two ways to do this

e-3---0 1---0
b-0---0 0---0
g-0---0 or 0---0
d-0---0 2---2
a-2---2 2---2
e-3---3 0---0
G Em G Em
are these basically the same thing?

the second one is a harmonic type thing, its when i take one of my fingers and push the string against the fret so it makes a harmonic type sound,

fret fret (f = finger)

any help would be appreciated
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first question, yes...i like the first set better...because the second G has an F in it which doesnt fit...but ya pretty much the same...(first would sound more like actual G then e)...time to read second question

EDIT: dont know the second one...sry dont make sense
Second question referring to tapped harmonics? Grazing the string with your picking hand over the fretwire of a fret 12 frets down from where your left hand is fretting lower down the neck is a technique called "Tapped Harmonics", examples can be found in songs; 'Dance the night away - Van Halen' or 'The Conjuring - Megadeth'
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sorry about the second question, i'll try to rephrase it

what i do is i take the my freting hand and place it directly on the fret, then just lightly pick it
(='.'=)Help the Bunny