i am a guitarist. recently purchased a bass for jazz band use, along with anything else i might need a bass for. its an ibanez GSR200. now, my e-string buzzes a good amount. first thing: i checked the action. it doesnt seem to be hitting the first fret or anything, and all other strings seem okay. i know the nut on the ibanez gsr200 seems rather low, but do you think a simple lube job on the nut will solve my problems? im just trying to try everything before i go to raising action/saddles. im praying to god the neck isnt bent or something. i got a steal-189 from GC pres day clearence.


p.s. what to use for lube just in case?

is something like petrolleum jelly safe?
it might be tha it needs new strings because it was set up wrong. thats what my jazz bass did at first until i put in new strings PROPERLY.

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Don't take this the wrong way, but have you checked (I am assuming you are a right hander) your left hand technique?. When I switched to bass from guitar, fret buzz issues were more of a technique issue than actual setup problems.
yeah i understand what you're saying. and i guess it could be the string, but they are round-wounds, look exactly like ernie balls. im trying to hold off on changing those, bass strings are 4 times more expensive then guitar strings lol. and i know my technique isnt great yet, but it buzzes at open. i mean i know when it buzzes while fretting, my fingers just arent placed right, hell, its like a night-day change from guitar to bass (and back!) really. anyone got anything?
Is this a new bass? If so, take it back to GC and show them the issue. They should give you a free set up to resolve the problem. I think even their used instruments come with a 90 day warranty.
yeah its from GC. and it was brand new, and the dude told me that i had a month on it for warrantees and free from defects, etc. really i think that the nut on the ibanez just might be too low, and my action will end up being so rediculously high. but i guess we'll see. anyone else had anything like this with the ibanez GSR200 or anything similar?

also to me, the e string stounds out of intonation. maybe somethings screwed up with the bridge. but im relatively good at this from other guitars, and nothing seems off. guess i got to haul myself out to gc unless someone else knows something in this bass-pit-of-hell?