Hey guys im looking into getting a decent tube amp now that the band im in up at school. I really like the sound of the Hughes Kettner 20th Anniversary combo and i feel like it provides the exact tones i need for the music we are playing, as well as my other interests. My only concern is will 20 watts of tube driven power be enough? Were currently looking at playing mostly cafe/coffee shop, bars, hookah lounges, and frat house partys. That particular has the option for an external speaker so would be i covered for the size gigs im looking at playing? Thanks!

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My 20 watt tube marshall sends the drummer home crying because he can't hear himself Twenty watt gets you where you need to go :-).
if youre playing in a SCHOOL BAND then 20 watts is cool. if youre playing in a BAND FROM YOUR SCHOOL 20 watts is enough but might not be enough later down the road.
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i use an orange tiny terror which is very loud even on 7 watt setting and thats pure tube
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i was thinking about getting that amp too. sounds realllly nice. you can get so many tones out of it.
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My 20 watt tube marshall sends the drummer home crying because he can't hear himself Twenty watt gets you where you need to go :-).

What Marshall has 20 watts tube? Bluesbreaker?
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What Marshall has 20 watts tube? Bluesbreaker?

I was wondering the same thing. I can't think of a Marshall that's 20 watts tube. I'm pretty sure the Bluesbreaker is 30 watts.
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As long as it has a 12" speaker, you should hear it alright if you turn it up to 10.
20 watts tube is plenty loud. I rock thru my dads vintage 12 watt princeton reverb and if i turn it up past like 5 it starts to bother the neighbors!
20 watts tube is more than enough. My 15 watt Palomino does just fine in a band setting.
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my 25w on 4 and my neighbors are hearing me just fine
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have you ever though about getting an amp head and then a small 20watt cab? that way you can always change the cab later. i'm sure you could get a good 100 watt for like 300.