I'll keep it short and simple

I have $300.
I need a 30W amp.
I have three choices

1)Roland Cube 30
2)Vox Ad30VT
3)Line 6 Spider III 30

They are all so damn good I can't choose properly.
What do you think?

I play Rock-Stuff like RHCP, Weezer, GnR, but also metal-Metallica, Sabbath, priest, Maiden, Trivium, you name it...
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ValveKings are too much, i think there like $400 at least. Get a Crate V18. Its 15w tube, but itll be much louder than a 30w SS amp.
save a little more and search craigslist and ebay for used peavey classic 30s. great amp.
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Fender Superchamp XD
But of the choices you listed Roland Cube
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