Hi, i'm currently in the process of my first custom build.

I have a couple of quick questions:

1) I am guessing that a split pot is a pot that you can push the knob down on, so that you are changing a different setting. Is this correct?

2) Are onboard effects any good, or are they useless?

Thanks for any help!
1) That's called a push-pull pot. I'm guessing the split part is the shaft, which uses a special kind of knob.

2) I've heard a guitar with onboard effects, they're pretty good if you get nice ones. But really, modboards can't do anything pedals can't.
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Well i have seen quite a few cheap on-board effects. Are good ones usually pretty expensive?

Also, if i used a push/pull pot, would i be able to wire the volume to "pulled out" and the tone to "pushed in"?