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.. i consider him to be one of the best... in the song House of Cards he... well it cant be described.

you have to see this video

im trying to figure out how he gets that sound

for anyone who knows something about guitars
magic starts at 2:08.. and again at 3:35
im no expert.. but think its NOT some kind of hammer-on with sustainer, notice when he goes over the frets, he lays the pick on the string over the pickup.. you can barly see the pedals he uses.. it could be some sort of harmonics technique

if anyone notices something .. share

i know he ocassionaly bangs at the body of the guitar to create resonance (vibration to the wood) in order to produce the sound without having to strum, or pick the strings... creating soft, smooth and peakless sounds...
He uses a 2pence piece and scratches the strings instead of picking. He uses what sounds like Spring Reverb and a hint of delay.
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2pence piece.. could you expand a little more on that please?

A coin. But yeah, do check the Radiohead thread in Alt & Indie
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