Well I have been changing my mind a whole lot on the decisions i've been making on which guitar I an going to purchase and I've moved on to thinking that I am pretty positive that a Jackson is the guitar for me. I decided this when I played a Dinky DK2M and fell in love with the neck. So, I have been thinking about getting a higher end Jackson because i've been saving my money and wanted to know which would be smarter to get.

I'm torn between these to guitars:

The Jackson Soloist SL3 = roughly $1200


The Jackson Soloist SL1 = roughly $2000

One of these will be my second guitar... I still need to play these two models to decide, but based on the features each guitar has what seems like the wiser investment? This is no easy task for me as even with the $800 dollar difference, both are huge investments.

Thanks for the help guys. Keep it metal.
Sl1. Better build quality, MOP Logo inlays, ebony fretboard, bound neck, better woods. They smoke the SL3 in every way, and the SL3 is a good guitar in of itself. Just be sure to try before you buy, as the QC can be a bit spotty, but I've heard it's getting better.
The cheaper one still has the through neck body and similar woods but that 800$ is likely to buy you a higher standard of workmanship and higher grade of wood

It really depends how much you think you need either one and whether or not you want to go for the best, it'd be quite a good idea to compare each against each other in person to judge the sound and feel of each instrument
I'm not too sure, Janet seems like the most obvious choice but if your into that kinda thing, Michael is definatly the way to go...

Ohhhhh guitars!... nevermind...
sL1 for sure
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The main difference i see is the sl3 has hot rails and the sl1 has the classic stack pickup.
The hot rails are just fine imo.
I love soloists, but the only problem i have with mine is the jb is way too trebly.
The sl3's are foreign made if that's a bid deal to you.
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