that guy's silly looking.

great singer tho.
Rock is Dead.

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Whats the meanest you can be,
To the ones you claim to love,
And still smile to your newfound friends?
I remember seeing this.

Definitely very inspiring.

EDIT: Now that I watch it, it seems kind of fake.
"We barely remember who or what came before this precious moment"

Tool, anyone?
Alter Bridge, maybe?
A bit of John Mayer?
Some beethoven sounds delightful, as well.
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Pual potts is god. i remember when they anounced he won.
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Quote by bene8754

check out the female judge's reaction.

I've seen it before, nice vid. Really inspirational. But I always wondered wtf is up with that judge's eyebrows..
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I remember when they first played this on American tv. It was a little awkward in the beginning, but when the guy opened up his mouth it was just amazing.
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