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Walking alone down an empty street
Crisp packets float around my feet
I don't know if we realise
through our golden- tinted eyes

We need to look after what is ours
but that could take many hours
you and i could do much more
by not dropping litter on the floor

Playin' football against a wall,
i find a wrapper around the ball
do any of us really care
what we're doing to our air


If you think that the trees are there,
just to be torn and stripped bare
then, young sir just stop right there
those are the trees that give you your air


So go ahead and kill your seas,
and make your war and not your peace
a friend of the earth is a friend indeed
so dont drop litter if you can't take heat

---belly up---

can't you see
if I let you burrow
into my brain
climb my rocky defenses
i'd be soft, belly up
knocked on my back,

no hollow shell to shield
the blows that will come.
By then, I'll be miles away
already fumbling with the map
to my next destination

you'll try to keep me
like all the others
but i'll slip through your fingers like water
and return to the source of it all.

if i shut my eyes
i can still feel your questions
breaking me like bruises
purple and blue
diffused by lucid peach.
you asked what you did wrong.
you said to be honest.
you told me I could still count on you.

But I never belonged to you
or your burning red roses,
all the imagined chivalry.
your quiet affections
were meant for some other girl
undamaged, shiny, new.

can't you see
you're making this harder
than it has to be?
This was supposed
to be cut and go.

---Internal Self-Destruction---

Internal burn, the remains of a heartbroken soul
Clenching in rage, bound by the morals of this reality
Deep seeded thoughts, forsaken by society
Never to be spoken, to be released and forgotten

This internal fire builds over time
As it’s withheld from the world
A being filled with rage, regret and self doubt
Fueling the flames by holding it back

No one thing can contain, the inferno within
The pressure of hundreds, for one to restrain
As the release is looming
One is chillingly calm
Containment is cracking
An imminent self destruction

But it’s too late, the one has been broken
Releases like explosion, all feel the shock
Internal burn, built to a destruction
One has been lost, to internal self-destruction

how amny damned rounds does this thing need??

Yes, I Am A Lesbian... No, I Don't Do Porn