Well ive never painted a guitar before. I'd like to paint my Ibanez RG120.

I'm pretty sure I can paint it to another color - it isn't too hard. But what I want to do is put a picture/graphic on it, like on this video.


Maybe not that exact same picture, but something I can choose that would look ridiculously beastly. How would one do this? What kind of material do I use?



Ok i found an example of how i want it done. Go here: http://www.peavey.com/products/custom.cfm

Click on HP SPECIAL GUITARS with the red guitar picture. It opens an interactive thing. on Custom Graphic it allows you to upload a picture and preview how it will look on the guitar. Exactly what I want. Only I do not want to pay $400 to have it done, I want to do it myself.
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It's not exactly easy, since you have to strip all the paint off beforehand, and for good results you need specialist paint. I suggest you try the Gear Building & Customizing forum.

By the way, that video was bloody awful...
Hah its not the video i liked, its the fact that the guitar was so well painted. I didnt know there was a gear building and customizing forum.. ill go post there.