I wrote this song when i got grounded for smoking pot

heres the First verse, chorus, and post chorus

1st Verse

Whats it like
to have no wings
to be trapped forever
without a voice to sing

it must be hard
to live that way
ive been there before
just gotta hope and pray

that youll be in the sky again
along with all your friends
cause they were missing wings at one point too
but they will still sometimes pretend

that they have full grown feathers
even though it was just a lie
they knew it too and so did my
soul up in the sky


well im an angel without wings
and its hard enough for me
to think about the things ive done
and why i am not free

so tell me...

post chorus

where do i stand
can you please lend a hand
im asking you as a friend
can you please lend a hand
(what dont you understand?)

critique plzz
honestly nothing really to critique except grammer and punctuation. you need to go through and check your grammer you know the I's and all that stuff. then also go back and put in punctuation so people know were to pause and what not besides that I really liked this. I really can relate for I too have been grounded for getting caught smoking weed yet, even while grounded, I still smoked; for little did my parents realize, for they were checking my money ammount and searching me whenver I came home after school, that I grew the weed in my attic, yay.

c4c links in sig
hahaha nice....my friend was like you but didnt grow it

he spent a whole day high while grounded
It wasn't bad, i've seen much worse, but i just can't really see it as a song


c4c? its on the first page, or at least right now
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