Well I'm kind of stuck. I really have never had any music lessons and just kind of played guitar because I was bored one day. I can write music fine and it sounds good, but I suck at theory. First thing is I play in drop D and almost everything I write and a lot of stuff I play from other bands uses the same series of notes and frets. So I looked up the notes I'm hitting and I seem to only play A, A#, C, D, E, F, and G. What is this called? Like the scale and such. Also, what are similar scales? Sorry about my lack of termonology, I'm just trying to expand my song writting abilities. Thanks.
That would be f major and d minor. In other words you could play a, a#, c, d, e, f, and g or if you want harmonic minor you could replace the c with c#. so in f major you'd want to play these notes in order from f to f, d minor from d to d in order, and the harmonic minor with the c# instead. Hopefully this gives you something to work off of.