Ok this is my first real song that I think is good with lyrics. The title is still undecided but I just typed that in for the title of the thread and I think that that might make a good title, whatever, suggest names if you want but I really want opinions and constructive crit. Thanks.

Verse One
Fears, of a murderous mother
Eyes, on a cracked open door
I wonder what time my mind will pass
Leaving my brain at rest at last
Not for a while
cause... I'm...

Stuck in the middle of two broken pieces
Cannot decide which one to take
**** or ****, what a selection
Maybe I just need more interaction

Verse Two
This fire... won't stay lit all night
Let's.. get this **** started
This liquid demon inside my head
Keeps me far away from bed
... What the **** am I doing?


Maybe if I just wait it out
Something better will work out


Thinking of writing another verse. This depends on if I get bored in Religion class again.

Oh btw, this is melodic, Weezer esq song.
not trying to be a dick but in all actuality im saving you from the real dicks who will queef about this in a huge long paragraph explaining every little detail.
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