Ive been playing for about 5 years, and I recently noticed that im the only one I know who uses my middle finger and thumb to hold the pick. Anyone else out there the same?
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i used to use my index finger, middle finger, and thumb but i stopped doing it
I use all three: thumb, index, and middle. Though most of the pressure is on the thumb and middle, and the index is used more for stability and to prevent slippage.
I only use my index and thumb, cuz I use my middle for tapping. And besides that, I've just always been able to play faster when I just use my index and thumb
I played using my middle and thumb for quite a while, but my friend (who has played for 15 years) Told me i should change and use my Index and thumb and it did make quite a differance in my playing i found, it helped my speed and control quite a bit.
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reb breach does that so he can tap

As does EVH
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Im trying to make myself learn without my middle but i keep subconsciously going back
Thumb and index and middle for tapping.

It's really a lot easier to tap with your middle finger, you can place your hand on the fretboard and get a lot more speed and power.

Index feels more natural, only reason I use my middle finger is because when I first started tapping my index killed ^^. But im glad I found out the advantages of using my middle finger.
i use my index so i have my other fingers free to finger pick while i pick....that way u can do some sweet finger picking and strumming.....my personal preference...every1s different
Reb Beach, EVH and Glenn Drover all do it.
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I do, but I'm just learning as well, maybe I should learn to use my index finger too
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