I just started playing drums, and I need some easy songs to play. Any suggestions?
AC/DC and the White Stripes (pick any song).

We Will Rock You by Queen.

Anything with a straight 4/4 beat is easy enough

typically any old ish rock bands
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any WEEZER song!!!
very easy...1 bass drum 1 snare ...1 bass dum 1 snare....and on and on for almost every songs lol!!!

good luck
Weezer- anything on the Blue Album
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I was afraid of this. Not being able to play metal will tear my soul apart.
Yea anything by AC/DC (their drummer never does a fill), Weezer, White Stripes, "Walk this Way by Aerosmith is pretty easy. Green Day's stuff is really easy to play on drums too.
How advanced are you? Can you just play straight eighth notes on your hi-hat, snare 2-4, bass 1-3. It depends on how good you are. Just play some old, classic rock stuff or American Idiot.
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Frankenstein, it really isn't that hard
Weezer, GNR, ACDC. RHCP is challenging at times but usually fairly simple.
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