I'm planning on buying a new guitar (MIM Fender Deluxe Fat Strat), but the stores in my city don't have any in stock, and don't carry this model regularly. So that means the only way to get it is to have them order it for me.

I'd rather be able to try out a guitar before I buy it, but it doesn't seem possible. Also, the other guitar I was interested in isn't regularly available to try out either, so there goes both of my choices.

Would you feel safe taking the guitar that was ordered without testing it out first? Or would you look for a different guitar to buy? I don't have any other way of getting it, and I'm a bit skeptical about doing this...
Why don't you try other kinds of guitars? If you REALLY want the fat strat, order it online, but, I'd always try before I buy..
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ask the shop to ship one in for you to play...often times they will if they believe you are serious about buying it.
Why do you want one if you've never tried it?
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Do the stores have some sort of money-back guarantee? If they do, then order your model and try it out in the store before taking it home. I personally wouldn't feel safe if I didn't try it. No matter what brand it is, no two guitars of the same model feel or play alike.
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I ordered a Squier Strat a month ago and when it came it was fine. It needed a good setup but that was all. If you like the way Strats play ordering one online shouldn't be a problem. The only mail order purchase I was unhappy with is my SG 310. Its a great guitar, I'm just a Fender guy and don't really care for the way Epi/Gibsons are layed out. I wish I had spent more time with one in the store so I would not have spent money on a fancy wall treatment. If the store near you has any Strats at all play them to see if you like the layout and feel, or if you have experience with one and know you like them already the actual ordering should not be a big deal.
Thanks for the advice.

I want this strat because I wanted a strat for a long time, and since I like humbuckers too, I think it will suit the music I play (classic rock, blues, indie). So that's why I want the deluxe fat strat. I could get the regular fat strat I guess, but I'm planning on changing the stock pickups to something hotter and I'm interested in the tex-mex pups.

I think I'll go to the stores and try out some of the strats they have in my budget ($700), to get the feel of them, and compare them and get the one I like best. Maybe it won't even be a fat strat if I find another strat that plays better. This is probably better than ordering, and I'll be more comfortable doing that.

I wanted some opinions to help me decide, so I'll consider the options you guys suggested.