Hey, just wondering what are some good electric guitars for under $400? I've been looking at the Agile AL-3000 and was wondering if there were any other good options out there. Thanks.
fender strat standard MIM but great guitar. big tonal range from classic rock to blues.
Although I haven't played it, a lot of people on this site are strong supporters of the Agile guitars. Personally, if you could find a good, used Fender Strat for under $400, I would get it.
I'm a Schecter fan myself...

It all depends on the type of music you want to play. Some guitars lend themselves better to different genre.

One you might want to look at is the Schecter Gryphon.


Decently versatile guitar since the humbucker's can also be tapped/split to give a single coil tone.
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Got my S470 with hard case for 240$ including shipping on eBay. This this feels awesome, looks awesome, MAYBE new pickups.
i have agile 2800, changed the pickups and its pretty good.
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Epiphone DOT....similar to the gibson ES 335 the studio is only 270 i believe, sounds great two humbuckers, pretty bluesy and agressive with the gain
Thanks for the replies guys. Would th Schecter Gryphon be a good guitar to play blues on perhaps? Thanks again.