I came up with an idea(while taking a crap if that matters at all) concerning the site.

The basic idea involves song difficulty thing. Why not let the users also vote on song difficulty? Having this effect the contribution points. Because how can you give a better rating to someone tabbing out ten simple plan(which is turns out to be truly simple) or anything else with just a few power chords to someone who has just summited a 5-star contribution of a Buckethead song(including a solo). The difficulty of tabbing and playing is much more apparent in a Buckethead song or something else by another shredder or what ever that includes advanced techniques compared to lets say: Simple Plan(sorry to use the same band again).

Other words I think that it should effect the contribution points due to difficulty reasons. I also think that trying to implement a form of more power for voting on tabs for those who have tabbed out the more difficult songs and such because if those are 5-star tabs they make of something that difficult...wouldn't they be able to tell what the difficulty of a song or how good the tab is? Not to mention it would help stop very new guitarists from rating a song improperly and get someone that knows more to help correctly rate it.
Hmm.. how would you like to modify a site to have such compicated features with user networks all over the place for a FREE COMMUNITY?
would it realy be as complicated as you think? sure it would involve more coding for the genuses that write the site. but i like the idea alot. but i may get you wrong, but maybe you ment something like this Nacho;

right next to the rating of how good the song is, there is a rating of how hard the song is.
if it is a hard enugh song, then the guitarist must be fairly good, if not friggen awsome.

i like the idea (yuep, stated that twice)
curently composes with Guitar Pro 5. amazing peace of software. i'd recomend it. and Samplitude recording studio.

I almost agree with you,
Because making a regular tab takes about 2-4 hours but making a gp or pt version usually takes a day(or even a whole week or month).But you should move your thread to Site Suggestions forum imo.
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