First let me say this post is probably longer that it should be but I want to make sure I explain my situation to the best of my ability so I can get some good feed back.

I am looking to get a low wattage(5 to 20) tube amp and cab to mess around the house with or play with friends. I am definitely interested in a high gain sound. I would love to spend thousands of dollars on a bogner, engl or some other modern high gain amp but I don't have the room or the skill really to warrant such a thing.

The question. To get a sound that is in the ball park of what I am looking for do I need to get a small high gain amp(if such a thing exists.) or Could I just get say valve junior an orange 2x12 and a metal muff or some such fx pedal. Again I was just using those particular names as a suggestion. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated