Hey everyone,

I am looking' for a really hard song to learn on guitar w/ lots of guitar work.
I've been playing for almost 4years now and am where I should be.
Doesn't really matter on the song just as long as it isn't "screamo" music.
So, any suggestions on a tune?

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idk depends if you want something thats difficult in terms of it being intricate or in terms of playing it with passion

idk, theres alot, if your looking to play inricatley try learning Through the Fire and Flames, etc,
or look at some good blues

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Well, you can't beat 'Cliffs Of Dover' for intricate instrumental cheese. Maybe something by Satch (Mystical Potato Head Groove Thing is pretty tricky), or some Bonamassa form the You And Me album.

'really hard' gives you a huge amount of choice but the ones I've listed should keep you busy for a little while!