Yeah yeah, not another one! Maybe overdone but an undeniably great song, so I thought I'd try my hand at recreating it. All instruments are by me, drums programmed by me and vocals are courtesy of my good friend Crispy. Tell us what you think.


Equipment used is as follows:
All guitars: Fender Std. Tele (SD Hotrails in bridge)
Bass: Squier P-Bass
Drums: programmed on Acoustica Beatcraft
Vocals: Behringer B-2 Pro condenser mic
Amp: Aslin Dane AG-15, mic'd
Laid down onto Acoustica Mixcraft through a Carlsbro Minimix 8.
incredible, best cover ive ever heard on UG
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Thats pretty good, i'd say 8/10.

Guitar sounded great
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Not working for me...I click it and nothing happens.

EDIT: I'm assuming you have to be a member. Any chance of posting it on your UG profile?
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Not working for me...I click it and nothing happens.


Nevermind I registered. It's working now.
And it's pretty damn good. Nice job.
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Hm I don't think you have to be a member, I just signed out and tried it and it worked.

anyway thanks for your comments so far guys I really appreciate them
yea i didnt need to be a member it just played right away, but sounds pretty damn good man im not really a fan of the song, but youve done it better than almost all the attempts so i still comend you nice work bro
I enjoyed it man
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Wow impressive man!

Especially for have the patience of beatcraft!

Vocals are pretty nate, could be a little more gritty imo! (Still brilliant none the less)

Over-all great mix and great cover!
you got a sick sound and its very well done

Did you do it in a studio? If you did it at home, what gear did you use?
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The instruments were recorded very nicely, good job! The vocals were good but I feel they could have been just a tad better.

Still, really awesome job.
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Haaaahaha WOW! Just sounds... professional as all hell. Don't think I've ever heard better non-famous cover in my life.

You win.
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Sweet. sounds brilliant
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wow, i really appreciate all this feedback guys.

yeah it's all done at home. a pretty modest recording setup. For the instuments I used a pretty cheap run-of-the-mill vocal mic, plugged into a Carlsbro Minimix 8 mixer, then phono lead from that into my computer. Vocals were the same except I used a condenser mic.

Yeah beatcraft was a bit of a pain but you just gotta stick with it.