Been playing for a few years now and I am looking for a mexican fender strat, something to get the bright strat tones that I cant get with a les paul. I do'nt want to spend too much on it, which is why I'm not getting the American...
Im between three choices:
Standard Stratocaster
plain as it gets...pros and cons?

Fender Standard HSS Stratocaster
how much of a difference is the humbucker going to make?...like I said I already have a les paul, so is this versatile enough to get a bright tone as well?

Fender Deluxe Player's Stratocaster
I like the gold hardware...What is the major differences between this and the standard...is the pickup selection button that important?...also, is it worth the $200 more than the standard?
I would just go with the standard and change the pickups if you want to. Or check out the Classic series and Classic Players 50's and 60's strats.
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I would just go with the standard and change the pickups if you want to. Or check out the Classic series and Classic Players 50's and 60's strats.

Quote by Lightitup
I would just go with the standard and change the pickups if you want to. Or check out the Classic series and Classic Players 50's and 60's strats.

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I've never played the 50's and 60's strats, but I have to say the Deluxe player's strats are nice. They feel great (better than the mexican standards imo), and they sound great. Plus the extra pickup combinations make it that much more versitile.
get the 50's classic player-i just did, and it rules!
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I have an '07 Mexican Strat in Arctic White with a maple fretboard.

I love it. I'de say go try out some strats at GC or something (they always have a ****load) and find one that you like b/c for me it seems like all of them feel slightly different.

I have a Classic 60's and it's perfect (once you have it set up, of course). But that's only if you like vintage radius and necks. If that's not the case, the Deluxe Players, Classic Players and the Roadhouse are very nice.
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It's built in America and has a cheaper finish, slightly cheaper hardware methinks. There was someone on the forum who mentioned they worked in the Fender factory and the necks/bodies of the Highway One were made in the same factory as the American Standards.

With a change of pickups you have an American Standard with a matte finish.
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It would help if we knew what amp you have, your budget, and what music you will playing with it, but rightnow I say get the HSS, because it has a coil splitter on the humbucker, which makes it exceptionally versatile.
why not look for a second hand american?
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The best advice is to say to just go try a few different ones of each model. None of those three are any better than the others. The Deluxe costs more and has different features but I really prefer the standard, I haven't played any deluxes that I liked.
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The Deluxe Player's Strat has Noiseless pick ups and an added switch that allows 7 pup configurations as opposed to your normal 5. I was looking to buy this guitar. It sounds great and it plays awesomely, but I'm now looking at the Roadhouse series because of price issues.
The guitar also weighs a lot, which is something I didn't expect when I first picked it up.
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Lets say i'm probably one of the least picky when it comes to feel, im just all about sound and cosmetics...
So is there going to be any major differences; what types of wood do they use? basically are there sound difference in the deluxe, highway one, and the classic with the same pickups?
I just want something that will sound really good with clean jazz, and maybe a little distortion... like I said earlier, I already have a Gibson...so i dont need screaming pickups or anything...
Also, I have a GT-8 and am pretty good at getting the kind of preamp sounds... so is it going to make that much of a difference with a multi effex processor about tone in the guitar when i have that much control in the pedal?

also the hss humbucker split... does it sound just like any other normal single coils?
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