Hey guys i decided to do an original solo

the recording sounds crappy IMO because my Schecter is havin problems and i had to use my Squire.

but watev i gave it my best shot

its in my profile

comment and tell me what you think. crit4crit of course

i dont think it sounded "pop". at the end i thought it sounded like a dragonforce outro solo. very nice
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this sounded more rock than pop. i agree with the dragonforce comment lol! the two halves of solo itself don't seem to fit. in the beggining you're going all minor pentatonic and then you get really shready and natural minorish...i think you should make the moods agree.

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I think the second half is real good. Add some crazy fast drums and it could be part of a dragonforce song...

Yea it does kinda change from jazzy to dragonforce-ey.
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i think it has a cool feel to it **** the solo and come back with an entire song! oh yeah and you made that squire sound pretty damn good