hah hey man.. You OWE ME ONE !!! Just kiding, haha..

Ok, checking your new tune.. Tune this ain't bad at all, I like the atmosphere created by the guitars and the vocals, the drums had too much reverb in them..

either way, good job mate.

Also, the chorus was very catchy !! Where will you GO o ooo
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thanks man! yeah, i'm still working out how to use some new equipment. i'll get better at it soon
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i like it
very relaxing IMO

did you play all of the instruments?

nice vocals, especially the harmonizing parts

and yea i agree with the drum/reverb comment
i played everything but the drums. i don't have room for a drumset
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I like it alot...Little to much reverb on the drums for my taste but thats just me. I like the Rythm guitar nice and fat. the Vocals are VERY good I really like the harmonies you do. the little lick the guitar plays is pretty cool to. Like it alot.

8 1/2 /10

check mine out?

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the rythem guitar is so chunky because i use 11's for my strings : )

i shall crit yours later today or tommorow!
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well, i'm not very professional. i just like recording. thanks for the crit. unfortunately, i can't change the drums.
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Like the guitar tone a lot. The drums don't sound as good as they could. definitely needs some mixing done to it. The vocals are well done, great singing. Very laid back and relaxing song, kind of in a pink floyd way. The guitar solo is very good, great expression.
I'm gonna pre-face this awful critique with the fact that while I heard this last night, I didn't have time to critique it, so this is what I remember:

I love the vox and the vocal harmonies were cool, I love it when the vocalist goes outside of the "expected notes", its always a nice contrast to the rest of the music. However, your reverb/delay makes everything sound really disjointed. I think you should put the exact same reverb settings on each channel, or if you can, route both channels to a bus and do the reverb in there to make everything sound like its in one room. Maybe decrease the amount of feeback/level of feedback on your delay/reverb units as well.