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wow thanks i was eyeing it for a long time, too. it just seemed pretty good for its value...
Why is this such a bad deal?
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You know youre a guitar player when you try to match the pitch of your guitar with a vacuum cleaner...

...mine's a Bb by the way...

Wow alot of Marshall criticism. Well I not really sure but I do know that one really good local metal band's guitarist used a marshall stack, maybe the same as that one. But I say go peavy.
Do you use a BR-600?
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It's bad because its pretty much a Marshall MG100 head just without the M before the G. I've owned one of these and the cleans are way harsh, and the distortion has no character. I'm sad to say my friend still uses one in his band and he's a great guitarist but when he's playing rhythm it hurts my ears.
You can get some thing way, way, way, way better for the money.

and F.Y.I., you don't need a full stack.
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