Okay, I saw a Gibson Les Paul for sale. It was a alpine white with the gold hardware and it had the dot inlays. Now, the thing is, on the for sale page, it says that it's an alder body with a rosewood fretboard when I'm pretty damn sure it's a mahogany body with an ebony fretboard, can anyone help me out? Anyone know if Gibson ever made an alder bodies Les Paul studio in 1989 with a rosewood fretboard rather than an ebony fretboard which is what the alpine white Les Paul Studios are supposed to come with?
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I'd contact the seller to see if it was a typo or the guitar is just a fake (unless a Les Paul with an alder body actually exists and I don't know about it).
Alder body - no. Rosewood fretboard - yes. Dot inlays... hmm, I know they did those on the DC Studio but not sure about the LP.
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I've seen a bunch of Gibson Les Paul "Specials" on my local craigslist. The ones I've seen look similar to Studios, except with Dot inlays.

Heres a link:


But they include a link to Musiciansfriend and it shows that it was the Gibson Les Paul Special Faded series, which I'm not familiar with.

But I duno, its just an idea.