So im my political science class, someone brought a bunch of heart candies, and we were eating them. we saw some really really funny ones, like "fax me, purr-fect, top dog, ily"...etc. I then brought up the idea "what if there were ones that said stuff like "myspace me, pic ccmnt me, blog me, etc""

now that, is when you know the world is coming to an end.

so does anyone have any ideas for some good heart sayings, or has anyone seen any funny ones?
"The last heart was poison"

"The antidote is at the bottom"

"Keep going"

"Hurry along"

"Poison should start working soon"

"Almost there"

"Just three more"


"There is no antidote"

"You're ****ed"
"lets have sexual intercourse"

that is my kind of heart- straight to the point. no dodging around the issue with crap like "pic cmmnt me" or whatever that was that you said...
"are you lonely?"
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In eighth grade, I took one of the ones that say Cup Cake and change it to Cunt Cake.

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