been playing for about 3 years...wrote a solo to practice sweeps, alternate picking, and a little speed picking...no backing track to hide the little mistakes...aside from the mistakes tell me watcha think as far as structure goes, and yes, i couldave done it perfectly, but yaknow, i didnt wanna sit here for too long.

ohh yea...and i played the solo to Breath Life by Killswitch Engage at the end... tell me watcha think about it as well.

The track is on me profile. enjoy--or dont...wont hurt my feeling any
Yeah.. that explains why your tone sucks..
but the playing was okee, some parts are a bit rough
got a little repetitive around halfway through, but it was okee :P

nice JerryC sweep in the beginning if I'm correct?
work on playing it as fast as he does :P:P
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It isn't horrible or anyhting the tone sucks but other than that it isn't to bad....little bit sloppy in some places.

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