I don't really have any music stores close by that I can try out a few different guitars so I usually just go through musicians friend. Currently I have a BC Rich neck thru V and the problem that I have is when I play fast leads or certain chords the thickness of the neck cramps my hand up a bit. I would like to stick with a V shaped guitar because I find them to be most comfortable playing sitting or standing. I really like the looks of the Agile Reaper, if anyone on here owns that guitar I'd love to hear what you think of it.

Thanks in advance!
possibly a Jackson RR model?
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Jackson, my man.
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Jackson. Only way to go for thin necked Vs

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Dean '79 series V. Slim taper necks on it.
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Ibanez V-blade would be one to consider, neck-thru and thinnest neck out there. You can still find them on musiciansfriend and the such. Pickups are a love or hate, but hey who knows, you might like them.

except for esp...
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Much appreciated guys!! I'm going to look into a Jackson Rhoads I think. I never got the pleasure of playing one but I'm thinking a road trip would be well worth it to check one out. The RR3 looks to be within my budget. Being that it is a bolt on and the neck isn't painted that should eliminate the "sticking" the comes with painted necks right? Or do they put some sort of clear or something on it that still makes your hands stick on the neck?
Last time I played one (few years ago) it had a nice satin finish neck.
rr3's are damn nice.
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Jacksons have one of the best necks I've felt. Essentially, look at ESP or Jackson for the V fix. Gibson will only be fatter than your BC.
Jacksons or ESP.
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jackson and ESP have the thinest necks and its up to you what one to choose tbh

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Thanks again for the input guys, very helpful! I think I'm pretty well sold on an RR3, absolutely beautiful guitar. I'm not much of a tremolo player b/c I jump around to different tunings but I can always just block it. One thing I do like about guitars with a tremolo is the nut, why don't guitars with fixed bridges come with a nut like the ones tremolo guitars have? I like them b/c if you want to put heavier guage strings on you don't have to file the grooves so the string doesn't pop out.
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Dean '79 series V. Slim taper necks on it.

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