sorry guys , just trying to learn more.

1. Whats the point of scales? i learned the AM one. Is it for like solos or something

2. I noticed picks have different sizes, thin, medium, hard
or something like that. Whats the difference between them, and wich do you use.

3. what would you recommend when learning barre chords, I have a really hard time keeping my one finger, holding down all 6 strings, only like 3 come in clear.

4. What are pickups? and huckbunkers, or what ever you call them lol
ya solos are used for soloing...there a group of notes that sound good together....and picks are preference...some people like thinner ones for strummimg and thicker ones for picking...but its all in what u like.....well with E shaped barre chords u only need the top and last 2....id curve ur knuckle a lil and hold the to highs on the knuckle and use ur tip to push down the top one....
1. Scales are collections of notes that generally sound good together. They are used to form solos, chord progressions, vocal lines, melodies...you could say they're good to know.

2. The difference is how thick the plastic is. Beginners generally find thinner picks easier to use, as they can allow for easier chord playing, which beginners spend a lot of time doing. However, more advanced players often use thicker picks as they allow for easier speedy playing. I use a 1.14mm pick which is pretty thick.

3. Barre chords are hell. You will hate your guitar when you're learning them. But they're very important. You have to practice. There's no trick.

4. Pickups are what allow an electric guitar to be amplified. Here's a wiki article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickup_%28music%29

Pickups are like microphones. They detect the vibrations of the metal strings. If you yell into your pickups, you could not hear your voice through the amp. However, there are things you can do with electricity and magnetism and the like to mess with the pickups. For instance, putting a rotating drill near your pickups will create a sound.