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Simple question. If given the chance, would you rather play lead guitar or rhythm guitar in a band? I personally would pick rhythm, as i like playing chords and generally keeping in time...plus if i mess up there is a less likely chance of people noticing.

poll up.
I like playing Rhythm. But I'd love to do leads because it really steals the show.

I really want to do vocals though!
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I like lead, but rhythm is more important.
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i love playing lead
but i also like rhythm
sometimes i like rhythm more because if i cant play an epic solo ill come up with weird rhythm patterns
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Rythm if i get to sing
If I dont get to sing lead (though i'd probably alternate with the other guitarist anyway)
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Rhythm if i get to sing
If I dont get to sing lead (though i'd probably alternate with the other guitarist anyway)

Me too. My role in my band is Rhythm+lead vocals, but I do take solos on the songs that I wrote.
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and take turns Soloing, you cant go wrong

Yup. I play dual roles as well. Its how it should be.
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most blues bands only have one guitar, so, both?

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Dual Guitarist baby gurl

Harmonies non stop, dissonance from hell

and take turns Soloing, you cant go wrong

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I said butter because I like both. I have never played with another guitarist who can competently solo so I play a lot of lead but rhythm could sure mix it up.
lead cause i'm not that good with chords
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I'm assuming that by "butter" you meant "bass." I love playing bass. Guitar is great for showing off and for being loud and up front and whatnot, but I'm not that type of guy. I like being the subtle driving force behind the music. I don't necessarily need recognition, so bass is best for me.
I'll take rhythm mostly cause I've never really worked on soloing much. I'm starting to solo more lately. I can almost play the 2nd solo in 3's and 7's. (yeah, I know I suck but I can keep a great rhythm)
lol butter...
i'd play lead because i'd be an attention *****
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I would choose lead simply because from what I have seen,
lead guitarists just get more to experiment with.

I did join our school's Jazz Choir this year though and have a whole new appreciation for Rhythm guitar and I actually really like playing rhythm,
but I am much more interested in experimentation.
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As a jazz guitarist, I'm expected to be able to be good at comping and be able to play the melodies/harmonies as well as solo improv.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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i picked rhythm as its what i play in the band i am in!

i like both really. cos at the moment i play rhythm but also get to solo at points as well so its all good for me!
Lead because you can do silly faces and ponce about while doing teh emotional solos.
lead: i love showing off what i can do.

why would anyone pick rhythm? its for the players who suck.

generally, the order that the band members pick the girls is:
keys (if applicable)

but the rhythm guitar is last of all..... or maybe before drums.... ...

um anyway, yeah, lead is just the best.
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Rhythm + vocals = better than solos.

At least that's the maths I learned.

That pretty much sums it up.
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lead makes people go woah but i like rhythm more. awesome heavy riffs > super fast barely melodic solos.
I play lead in my band, so I guess lead?

But I like playing both, and I'm good at both so...
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I like both, but i prefer lead. It all depends on how technical the riffs and the solos are. If the riffs are fast and furious and I'm not skilled enough for the solo, I definitely like rythm over solo, and the other way around. Haha! x)

But overall I prefer lead a little more, because there is so much to experiment, and many effects you can have a lot of fun with! For example the Whammy and Reverse effects. You also get to rape your whammy bar...
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