What materials can i use for making a sculpture of a human.

I have had this idea of building a body, and i feel like if i dont do it ill regret it
so what kinda of materials should i use.

I dont want to use paper mache but if i have to i will

im open to any suggestions, except any rude ones >.<
Do you want to make it life-size?
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What do you want it for? You could sculpt it out of stone if you want it to last a long time/survive the rain . . . You could probably do it out of Play-Doh too . . .
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Do it with materials you love or something? You know like the things that make you what you are. It's worth a try.
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order in a big ass chunk of granite and do it the manly way.

Chisel it with your penis?

I'm thinking you shouldn't be looking to sculpt anything. You need to make a puppet with like PVC tubes to make the frame and bend coat hangars or something to shape the body. I think that would be much more convenient. That, or just use a real person.
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go eat a hermanpherdite.