I play guitar and sing for a band with my best friend (the drummer) and this other kid a year older than me whos house we play at (bass). We have only been together 8 months but I think we are sonding really good. Anyway the bass player just called me up and told me that him and the drummer want to get this kid to sing for us and have me just play guitar. The thing is... my parents have been paying for vocal lessons for me for over a year at $15 a lesson. And apparently this new singer is gonna scream too and I hate screamo! Even though I prostested the new member, my two friends just say 'well take it or leave it' as in if I dont want this new kid they will find another guitarist. So i feel like quitting but I dont think im skilled enough at guitar to start a solo career. What should I do?
I'd say leave them and practice some more and people will find out how awesome you are at singing and guitar and you will be all set man.
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try it for a bit, see how it goes. and i wouldn't recoment going solo, just find a new band if you are going to quit, but like i said, at least practice a bit with this guy see how he is
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Look for another band asap. if it isnt fun to you anymore then it isnt worth it in the end.
Give it a chance, if not just get a different band. If you can sing well I'm sure you won't have a hard time finding another one.
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I say at least try him and then when he sucks quit and go folk.


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go folk.

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Since when did screaming automatically make a band screamo?

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Maybe you guys could do like a balance of growls and singing. There are a few bands that sound good I can think of like that. Check out Extol.
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