Right I'm going to be building one or two guitars from scratch
I intend to build a 7-string for myself and an 8-string for my friend
Can anyone provide me with links to suppliers of 8-string parts (bridges, nuts, pickups etc) and schematics?
Body shape preferably V, RR or superstrat
I'm located in the UK

Any other help or resources you think my be useful are much appreciated

Thanks in advance
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It's going to be a bitch finding 8 string parts man. Try contacting someone like BlackMachine guitars, they're still fairly small and they might tell you where they get their parts for their 8 string builds.
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For the pickups, I know EMG make the 808 for Ibanez, but I don't know if it's in production for aftermarket sale, or if it even sounds any good. Contacting someone like blackmachine would be a good idea, as dog454 said. Getting a custom wound set would be an option, too.

As for hardware, though, I know I've seen 8-string bridges around, but I can't remember where....
What do you mean by schematics? like wiring schematics? Beause those would just be the same as a normal guitar's wiring.
Or like blueprints for sizes? Because I'd suggest just looking at a 6 string in a shape similar to what you want, and designing the shape yourself with whatever little tweaks you want to make it more original.
If you are looking for hardware, check out brands that are selling 7 and 8 string guitars, look at the hardware on them, and contact the makers to see if they sell the parts separately.

Only two companies are making good 8 strings that I know of - Ibanez and ESP. these parts may be harder to source.

Good luck
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Yeah I'm going to be getting in touch with Blackmachine (their F8 series gave me the idea), ESP, Ibanez, Halo and Ran guitars.
And sorry, I mean blueprints, not schematics
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conklin is a company that has been making 8 string guitars sence the 80's
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Hipshot is your port of call as far as hardware goes, they make both 7 and 8 string hard tail bridges for you to enjoy.

BTW do you have build experience? Or are you trying to tackle both 7 and 8 as first builds?

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