Another thing I wrote during school (remember I live at my school)
rip it to shreads with feedback you can be harsh
sorry i had to re-post moderator thought i was over my limit when he didnt relize that three off my poems were posted last week. this one was posted today


Early morning,
The birds do sing,
Like a chorus of chirps,
A cresendo of beeps.

Then with a vigerous roar,
And a relentless cry;
Thunder strikes from the clouds,
That loom in the sky.

Webs of ideas ruined.
Another afternoon down the drain,
And if you listen a little bit closer
You may just hear the rain.

Pondering for a way
To have fun on this day,
Up out of the drain
Comes a spark of faith.

In this marvelous moment.
On the gloomiest of days,
You think of an idea
A way to get away.

You don't ask your parents,
Because they'll say its not safe.
Stepping onto the front porch
In a yellow banana suit,
And run from under cover;
Out into the rain