Well if you think you can do it better do it, don't say you might because it sounds really bad right now, and the tapping is the easiest part of eruption.
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Recording just doesn´t help too much. And I think the guitar has excessively treble.
There are some wrong parts, some missing notes, but it´s nothing that you cannot improve, right?
Keep working on it, try to improve the recording, and post it again!
Good Luck !
It would be nice if you could do it with some better reording because it sounds pretty bad. If your camera has a plae to plug in mic try that.
Quote by hammetjunior13
this is my first time video taping my self and i taped this like 4 months ago but never put it on. its not great and at the end i dont play it right, im probably gonna re-tape cuz i know it now. comment


why are you posting sub-par old tapings of yourself when you can supposedly do it much better?
the tapping is the easiest part of the song to play and you're doing it incorrectly, and the sound quality is terrible
Alright, I understand these people's criticisms, but I mean, you're obviously getting there. So I give it a "Hey, not bad."
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...Coincidence? I think not.